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Are you afraid of the dark? There is more to this town than the sandy white beaches, and bathing suits. Murder, mayhem, and ghostly encounters. To the outsiders Panama City Beach, Fl appears to be a regular city, but when the gloomy shadows of the night float in the undead take over, Things occur in this place that can’t be explained by science. Duck Adventures presents Historical ghost tours of Panama City Beach. Going beyond the beaches, these are the stories the officials don’t want us talking about. On this tour you will hear their stories from beyond the grave, see where their bodies lay and quite possibly even the victims themselves.

Folks who have never stayed a day in this municipality will laugh and say its all myths, but, menacing things unquestionably occur here in Panama City Beach in the darkest hours of the night. Be prepared to be unprepared. Located at the Shoppes of Edgewater.

Tours run every hour, starting daily at 7pm~8pm~9pm. Call 850-230-0890 to reserve your tour of terror tickets today!!


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