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Duck in Panama City Beach 1942

What the DUKW ?

The DUKW (colloquially known as Duck) is a six-wheel-drive amphibious truck that was designed by a partnership under military auspices of Sparkman & Stephens and General Motors Corporation (GMC) during World War II for transporting goods and troops over land and water and for use approaching and crossing beaches in amphibious attacks. Designed to last only long enough to meet the demands of combat, productionized Ducks, a modification of the 2-ton capacity “deuce” trucks used by the US military in World War II, were later used as tourist craft in marine environments.

The Boat to your left is actually a DUWK boat from World War II in 1942 Down town Harris Ave Panama City, Fl.



Creator: USA /Name: GMC DUKW 353

Rate of fire: 9,45 m
Width: 2,10 m
Height: 2,44 m
Weigth: 6600 kg

Maximum speed at sea: 10 km/h
Maximum speed on land: 80 km/h

Maximum autonomy at sea: 80 km
Maximum autonomy on land: 385 km

Armament: 12,7 mm Browning machine gun

Transport : 25 soldiers with equipment or 2368 kg of material

Engine: GMC 270 6-cylinder, 4 417 cc, 104 hp, 2 750 rpm